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Shortly after we got back to Chicago after the holidays my grandfather became quite ill.  He was taken to the hospital and found out he had a pneumonia.  After running other tests the doctors found out he had a few other serious health concerns.  Well in a week it seemed like he just deteriorated before our eyes.  Sadly, he passed away last week.  He was a great man who loved Notre Dame, the Cubs and Bears, though his greatest love besides my grandmother was playing the organ.  He did worry a lot but I think it just showed he cared.   He will be sorely missed by his family and all his friends he made throughout his life.  Thank you so much to everyone for your well wishes and patience.

I do want to end this post on a happy note so meet Miss J and Mr K.  Miss J had other plans for the day while I was there.  She wanted to have a marathon awake session.  She did tucker out at the very end though, whew…  And of course newly crowned big brother.  What a riot.  He is a talker and I loved seeing all of his toys.  Thanks for the fun game K!

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Maria Brito - Andrea, these pictures are absolutely amazing. I love your blog header slideshow. I’m excited about my new blog too and still learning how to use it.

Jennifer Chaney - Oh Andrea, I am so sorry to read about your grandfather, but happy you got to be there to see him.

And your images are lovely – as always! – thanks for sharing them…

Laurie K. - Andrea, these are stunning! Your ability to find the light and use it to your advantage is amazing.

Pure 7 Studios - Love you work! Stumbled upon it while surfing the net. You’re the only other photog I’ve ever found that uses the same song as us in your children’s gallery!!! Cool. 🙂

Shuva Rahim - Love your photos! And the second one… I love it when babies look at the camera!

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