Thoughts… ~ Chicago Children Photographer

2010 is coming to an end…so much has happened to me and my family this year I cannot believe it all fits into one year!  So over these past few CRAZY weeks I have been thinking about how I will be tackling 2011…there is a list and it is growing.  There are so many things I want to get done and try.  I will be sharing some new things for my photography business in 2011 as I collect my thoughts and papers and reflect… we’ll see what happens…

I will be posting more from this session but wanted to post just one right now.  After this session I walked away on a high…a beautiful family, joyful kids and love.  These sisters adore their baby brother and boy oh boy does it show. 

So I have tons of e-mails to respond to, orders to place and slideshows to prepare.  Be back soon!


laura - what an awesome shot! i absolutely love it.

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