That red hair…

is to die for!  M has the most gorgeous NATURAL red hair I have ever seen.  How could you ever get a black and white picture of this cutie!?




julia marmo - she is one of the most beautiful kids i have ever seen!

SLJ - that hair! and those EYES! I have NEVER seen eyes of that colour!

isa - she’s sooo pretty…!! it’s not common in these days that hair and THOSE eyes!! …. just beautiful!!

Rebecca - that is the cutest little darling i have ever seen!
oh, and that hair is just to die for!

Catherine - Oh my goodness.
What a beautiful girl.
She has such pretty hair
and gorgeous eyes. Her smile is
so cute. I want to squeeze those cheeks!
Her individuality will show much
when she is older.
Her uniqueness will make her
beautiful when she grows up.
Nice pictures you got there!(:

Sara - Waw..She is so cute..I’ve never seen hair and eyes like that..Really very pretty!!Wawww

Catalina - OMG!!!! She is sooo beautiful. i love her eyes. thats my favorite color and her hair is like BAM!!! i hope it doesnt change to blonde!!

cam - oh! she is to die for! Her hair is so beautiful and her eyes are just sooo darling! I have never seen such a pretty girl! I can tell she will grow up to be really a wonderful girl! Good Luck M!

Lizzie Maclaird - OH MY GOD! I realy want this hair for me! It’s total incredable, I really love natural red hair. I have natural red hair, but my hair is total ugly compared of this girl…AMAZING!!

liz - Omigosh! That was me when I was younger! My hair is slightly lighter now, but I have the same eyes! Very Pretty 🙂

anna - Wow she is so cute – is it actuli u cuz it looks as though its just been taken recently – wat age r u now

Marina - Lindaaa *—-*
A cor do cabelo e
dos olhos são perfeitoos !!

Jessica - Oh my gosh! She is so adorable! She’ll grow up to be a beautiful woman, no doubt!

Monica - Oh my God! She is so gorgeous! I LOVE red hair. She is just too precious for words, I would love to have a child who will look like her. I don’t have any kids yet. But I’m planning on it, but she is just a doll.

Dana - Red hair and blue eyes, the most rare combination in the world. She is absolutely gorgeous.

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