Summer Where Art Thou? ~ Chicago Kids Photographer

My kiddos ask me at least once a week “when is it going to be summer?”  I sadly have to tell them not for about 4 months, then they want that number in days and when I say about 120 days all the excitement of the “4” now is gone and in disbelief they ask if there is a way it can come sooner.  My husband tells me I need to embrace these winters but it is very hard and I do not know why we live here, until the summer comes around again and I remember.  Anyway, here is an image from this past summer I took and I just LOVE it.  It exudes everything summer to me and I look at it warm me up a little and to get me through these grey skies.


Becky Earl - I HEART this image so much! It captures childhood in such a beautiful, colorful and honest way! Beautiful work!

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