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I started a “secret” personal blog about two years ago.  I have been finding it harder and harder to post to just one of my blogs as the lines between business and personal get blurred.  It is very photograph heavy…it is my home and I love for you stop by.  Here is just a taste of what you will find there (www.wakinguptome.com)…

my cowboy

Way back in August I rented a Contax 645 and fell in love.  I only had a chance to shoot 4 rolls of film but in those four rolls, with each click of the shutter I just smiled.  I wish so badly I could afford one but that is not going to happen anytime soon.  I might look for another medium format camera more in my price range but for now my Nikon will have to do.

So back to August…Cy wanted some “cowboy” pictures.  I asked him film or digital and he picked film (man do I love that kid)…  To read the rest and for more images follow the link to wakinguptome.com.  

To read the rest and for more images follow the link to wakinguptome.com.


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