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As I mentioned earlier this year I was reading the booked titled Anticancer: A New Way of Life.  I finished it quite awhile ago and am so happy I read it.  Seriously, this book will really make you think about the foods you eat and how you treat your “terrain” aka your body.  So along with my family’s lifestyle change I have been thinking about what the book has taught me and how to introduce this new healthy way of living.  Now, I understand this is a process but at least it has started.  So a couple of weeks ago I was visiting some of my favorite blogs and a fellow photographer had posted some links to some movies regarding food in America.  Of course – A SIGN – I need to be more educated.  Hubby was out of town last week so one late night I grabbed some tea and watched this movie.  I must say I was horrified to learn what the United States has/is doing to farmers and the environment.  Please check this out and share it with your family and friends.  Don’t worry nothing scary or gross in this movie.  Purely about farming, plants and pesticides and of course how corporations and goverment are controling our food choices and how food is “made”.  My hubby did want to watch it when he got back.  He is always reading news, probably 20 times more than an avid “news reader” and said he knew all about it.  Well when we finished it the other night he was quite surprised with all the information in it and has changed his views on what we are feeding ourselves and family.  We can make a difference so pass it along. 

Okay, also a cute 7 month old that visited my studio…


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