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So, the title says it all… yes, boudoir.  Now before everyone gets “those” pictures in their heads hear me out.  I am not looking to be a cheesy or a “in your face” boudoir photographer.  I have actually been wresting with what to call it and boudoir is the closest word I can come up with.  I attended Tanja Lippert’s workshop, um, two years ago and fell in love with boudoir.  This workshop was so inspirational, so amazing… it really hit home.  She made me come out of my comfort zone right on the spot, which was surprising but also needed.  I loved everything they covered and the experience working one-on-one with the beautiful woman that day was perfect.  I also shot the entire workshop on film.  I am so thankful I did because it made me love film even more!

Then, shortly after attending the workshop I got pregnant with the twins and really had no energy (I was sleeping about 16 hours a day it seemed) to further explore a new part of my business.  Now that I am getting more comfortable with having five kiddos at home I am ready to jump back in.  Below you can see some images from the workshop.  I did not post the more revealing images as this is a family blog.  But the images I posted can give you an idea of what I hope to create in adding boudoir to my business.  Also below is a link to a Pinterest board I made of the style more along the lines of what boudoir is to me.

Now why am I posting all of this…I am having a model call.  If the images you see below and what is shown in the Pinterest board is in line with your style contact me.  I am looking to build my portfolio for boudoir only at this time.  A signed model release is required.  The shoot would take place on location (i.e. your home or if you want to splurge on a hotel room that is fine with me but not necessary).  I might use a combination of film and digital but all finished images (between 25-35) will be presented to you on a flash drive as a thank you.  I am happy to answer any questions you may have regarding this model call.  If you are not interest but might know someone who is please pass along this information.

Pinterest Boudoir Board Link –

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