Almost time for…

So do you guys remember I kept mentioning BIG NEWS is coming to this blog!?  Well I can’t tell you quite yet…but in just a few days!  I can hardly wait to finally let everyone know. 

I am behind on blogging sessions too (I know as usual).  I will post more from this session this weekend but I could not post without at least one picture.  This mama-to-be was so much fun and looked, hmmm, maybe 6 months pregnant and she was just two weeks away from her due date!  I know I was jealous.  I’ll post more soon but am out the door for some grocery shopping (yuck!)…the family has to eat!

Talk to you guys soon!

Maternity 1

Maria Brito - This picture is AMAZING. Can’t wait for the Big Blog News.

Abigail Todd - I love the colors in the picture… Its so simple. Love it!

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