A snowy morning.

I am on my way to this session and the sun was shining so beautifully around my house.  About 15 miles down the road a big snowstorm was blanketing everything.  I was shocked and had not planned for the crazy weather.  Luckily the L Family had some wonderful light in their house.  This precious newborn thought he could stay awake with me around…ha…not this time!  We got some awake shots then had fun with those sleepy shots.  I packed up and started my drive home, and you guessed it!  10 miles down the road sunshine everywhere!  I swear this city and its weather…thanks for a wonderful morning L Family.

newborn photography

chicago newborn photographer

chicago photography - newborn

Tamara - Simply Beautiful!!! Sooo sweet. Love them

chelle - these are so sweet! your lighting is perfect 🙂

Shuva Rahim - Wow, Andrea! Great images – they are sooo beautiful!

Maria Hays - Beautiful!

Patti - Such sweetness!

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