A New Year a New Life ~ Chicago Pregnancy Photography

I do not make new years resolutions but I try and reflect and forward think at the beginning of each year.  With my family’s crazy schedule this past year let’s just say we were not eating the healthiest (in my eyes at least).  I have always wanted to be that mom that cooks healthy and delicious meals for her kids and really instills healthy eating habits so they can hopefully be healthier in the long run.  I also have not been happy with what I eat and wanted to improve that to get more of my pre-baby body back.  So in an effort to get to this point I was chatting with my sister-in-laws mother-in-law at Christmas.  She was telling me about “healthy juices” and getting more fresh fruits and veggies in my diet.  Once we got back I started researching books to learn more about the healthy eating revolution I was planning for us.  I found the book Anticaner, A New Way of Life.  I bought it right away and mentioned to my neighbor my big plans and she recommended the book too.  Anyway I am only about 20% into the book (on my Kindle so I do not know the page number) but I am appalled at what we have been eating, doing to our bodies and to animals.  I am a cancer survivor…at age 21 I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  I am so thankful they found it so early and I did not need chemo or radiation treatment.  An “anticancer” diet was never mentioned and I was told I was fine, and I have been but “what if” is always there.  This book has taught be so much in just the 20% I have read and I cannot wait to finish it.  We are already slowly transitioning and the kids are actually LOVING it!  I will keep you guys updated but here is the link to the book on Amazon.com, http://www.amazon.com/Anticancer-New-Way-Life/dp/0670021644/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1295058658&sr=8-1.  I want to mention that this book is not only for those who have/had cancer – it is about eating healthy and how eating healthy (and a couple of other things like exercise) can have a huge impact on your life.  Please check it out, I really do not think you will be disappointed.  And a favorite pregnancy portrait I took to kick off the new year…


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