Time flies

I cannot beleive my little guy is already a month old.  I just hate how time flies by.  They grow so big so fast.  Mr. E is still not even as big as my other two were at birth!  He seems so big to me though since he was so tiny to begin with.  So far he is still a great sleeper (no less than four hour periods at night) and during the day he is just as content as can be, well until he gets sleepy that is. 

I just got his birth announcements delivered and am frantically trying to get them mailed out so I can mail out Christmas cards tomorrow.  I really do not want to go to the post office since it is so cold here.  I am evenb freezing in my house!

Well here are a couple portraits on black. 



tamara - Oh he is soo tiny!! What a beautiful baby he is. LOVE the second one!!!

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