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Chicago Baby Photographer

As I mentioned earlier this year I was reading the booked titled Anticancer: A New Way of Life.  I finished it quite awhile ago and am so happy I read it.  Seriously, this book will really make you think about the foods you eat and how you treat your “terrain” aka your body.  So along […]

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Summer Where Art Thou? ~ Chicago Kids Photographer

My kiddos ask me at least once a week “when is it going to be summer?”  I sadly have to tell them not for about 4 months, then they want that number in days and when I say about 120 days all the excitement of the “4” now is gone and in disbelief they ask […]

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Catching Up

Hello All! I am trying to catch up with work.  My little guy had been sick for awhile…we took him to the ER last week and he was hospitalized for a couple of days with the flu!  We all had our flu shots but the kind he got was not included in those shots (really any […]

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