E-mail was down and some mini session info


If you are waiting to hear from me or have sent me an e-mail in the past couple of days and I have not yet responded, I have been having e-mail problems.  Everything is fixed as of now, let me know if I missed anything.  I thought it was pretty strange not getting any e-mails at all for two days!! 

 So those mini-sessions…I am (again) hoping to have some things worked out soon.  My calander is getting pretty full so scheduling this might be a little difficult.  Give me a couple of more days to finalize everything.  I hope to have one Sunday in the end of September or October available for mini-sessions.  So I realized I have been talking like crazy about these mini-sessions but no one knows what is included!  So a regular session we do everything…you choose the location(s),  can change clothes, get those family shots, individual shots and everything in between.  A mini-session will last approximately a half an hour and will be at a chosen location by me 🙂  We will get all of those family portraits and individuals that we can in that half an hour and there are no clothing changes.  Theses sessions are perfect for those who need new portraits for holiday cards and for gifts for family and friends (or of course to hang new portraits on your walls).  So more details coming (I promise).  ANd of course a post is not complete without a picture…


Rachel Tucker - Andrea, these are gorgeous! I’m drooling in love with the first one! Such fantastic color and clarity!

christy - Andrea, I love everything about this!!

Lindsey - Beautiful! I adore the first one!!! Wow. So sweet!

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